Caribbean Private Boat Charter

Ferry from/to St. Martin

The first Public Ferry departs St. Martin (Marigot, waterfront, which is a taxi ride of approximately $24 - $26 from SXM) at 8:10am daily, and departs Anguilla (Blowing Point Ferry Port) at 7:30am, with boats departing each port at 45 minute intervals. The last Public Ferry departs St. Martin at 7:00pm. Passengers taking the Public Ferry must have their names on the manifest 15 minutes before the ferry departs. No advance reservations are required and the crossing takes approximately 25 minutes between both islands.


Public Ferry Fees:

  • $15 per person one way before 6pm
  • Plus $5 departure tax per person from St. Martin to Anguilla
    or $23 departure tax per person from Anguilla to St. Martin

Taxi cabs are readily available at both the Blowing Point Ferry Port in Anguilla and the Marigot Port in St. Maarten. The cost of a taxi in Anguilla to or from Cap Juluca is approximately $24 - 26 per couple one way.


Please feel free to contact Guest Services at 264.497.6666, ext. 5514 to assist with your travel planning, or email them at

Please note: Prices are subject to change and are quoted in US dollars. Scheduled departure and arrival times are subject to change.

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